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The Art of Pricasso.

Fala Fil talked to the Australian Artist Tim Patch, very well known as Pricasso, the only painter in the world that uses his own penis instead of brushes.

Read bellow the whole interview that Pricasso granted with exclusivity to Fala Fil.

How did you realise you had the ability to paint pictures with your penis ?

006 (3)I was in a mens toilet an idea just popped into my head ,I had seen Puppetry of the Penis a few weeks before so sliding the head of my penis across the dry Stainless steel splash back of the urinal I created a smiley face, inspired I went home and tried it with paint , it was a very erotic evening but I realised if I could get really good, better and quicker than most artists I could get paid for doing the three things I like most; creating Art, being naked , and holding my Penis . Maybe not in that order , but the first problem was controlling erections!

Art Critics consider  your work seriously ? They consider your painting as an Art ?

A lot of Artists only exist from being awarded grants paid for by the tax payer because their work is considered exceptional by a small number of Art experts which I guess is fine as it’s all part of the system as I do believe Art is a business dependent mainly upon rising prices and I rock the system a bit, I have never been awarded a grant and have entered many art compertitions but never won any . I have sold thousands of paintings but probably would not have sold to much without also becoming a soft porn star which might be a contributing factor of why I feel they dont really know how to judge me.

Do you often visit shows and events to paint pictures in front of the audience. You do not feel embarrassed about it ?

I have just finished a 4 day Sexpo in Australia and I will be going to Macau in a few days to paint at the Asian Adult Expo and then to Taiwan for another 4 day show then one in South Africa Spain and Germany I am pretty busy. And I have spent the past 7 years doing this so it feels really natural to be the only person naked holding my penis in a hall with 5 or 10 thousand other fully clothed normal people.

pricasso2You are married and  have three children. What does your family think about your activity ?

They put up with me actually my Sons and Nephews think it’s really cool but my Daughters dont mention it much . My Dad said Oh dear ,Oh dear, and never mentioned it again!

You already painted several personalities. Some of them felt offended because of the way you portrayed them ?

Not really It is hard to get famous people to actually sit for a portrait I have been flown thousands of miles to paint at some famous personalities parties but have to promise not to mention them to the press or take photos but Charlie Murphy was OK with it .

You’ve been in Brazil  and had the opportunity to portray the former President Lula and the Journalist Marcelo Tas. What is their opinion about these pictures ? You had the chance to talk to them ?

No, the organiser of Erotica in San Paulo ,Shiroma , got me to paint both of those paintings I did from a photo it is hard to get the time of really busy people.

007Are you planning to come to Brazil ? What is the Brazilian personality that you would like to paint ?

I love traveling and would love to come might try to get there around April 2113 but it is hard to get a venue to paint at as it is limited I cant paint at a market and also I seem to be busy most of the time and I get paid and flown to paint at Adult shows around the world once a month , tring to make time is a problem .I am afraid I am a little vague on Brizilian personallities as most Brizilians would be of Australian personalities but Renaldo and of corse Elza Soares come to mind I think she would like it! .

Do you have suffered any prejudice or discrimination ?

Not really but the media is a bit hard to get interested sometimes as what I do is a bit hard to get on main stream channels.

Tell us a little bit about your preference:

One City: I Love Australia and where I live is called Surfers Paradise I live on top of a small mountain with views of the Sea surrounded by rain forrest and have an unusual house which I built myself before I started painting its hard to leave but great to get back to. But I do love traveling but dont have much time to look around I and just wandering around the back streets of cities I dont go much to the tourist attractions when I am in a city maybe Art gallery if I can but mainly I just walk around.

People are so the same all over the world.

One Painter: Goya the Spanish painter love his work

One Show: Les Miserrables.

One Band: Rolling Stones.

One Music: Mainly Classical 1812 Overture.


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